I describe myself as an integrative counsellor that enables the unique aspects of an individuals personality to be heard without judgment or prejudice. I practice in a non- expert approach, as I believe a person is an expert on themselves, I provide help to discover all the inner recourses, and dynamic process that a human has within themselves. I continue to learn from the creativity and emotional growth that I have experienced from my clients.

For one to one counselling I provide a safe and confidential place in which to explore your inner self, or any issues that that are causing distress or embodied discomfort. Therapy is provided within a garden room situated in a beautiful natural setting. I believe that if a client can view wilderness whilst engaging with therapy, it can provide a soft focus, and induce relaxation helping the process of reflection.

All humans possess unwritten rules of survival and how the world should function, and these emotional rules inform our sense of reality. Sometimes these inner rules, family codes, and social conditioning are on the edge of awareness. In early childhood development we assimilate others rules of being, to be accepted, or even loved, causing symptoms such as anxiety, depression and harmful coping strategies. By unlearning these rules, you can discover who you really are, and what you already knew was best for you. Discovering your rules of survival can allow you to make more informed choices, leading to more positive effects on behaviour, lifestyle, and relationships with others.

You may be seeking therapy for problematic symptoms or diagnosis, and where priority should be given for risk or harm to self, I believe a person is not defined by these and deeper awareness often shines a light how unpleasant symptoms evolve.

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