From the moment we are born we experience that the world is not OK, and we are not OK. This embodied experience that we can be emotionally and physically hurt can be disturbing. We also suppress who we really are in order to gain approval and love from others. This helps us to survive emotionally, and gain acceptance socially. Inner conflict, when we have to choose between what we truly need for ourselves or pleasing others is traumatic and we develop Shadow selves.

looking more closely...

This community of selves, are many different personalities within us that surface in certain situations. Have you ever recognised in yourself repeating patterns of harmful behaviour and do not know why you do it, as if someone else is controlling your choices. These subpersonalities are on the edge of are awareness, and need to be explored so we can become integrated. Knowing all of ‘yourselve’s’ can be healing and allow you to make real choices based on the real you. Some of your Shadow selves are punishing, and some are dynamic and unique enabling you to be special, that contributes emotional blessing to those you love.

Whoever you are I would like to guide you safely through your journey of process. This can be done one to one in my garden room or walking outdoors in a shared space with the soft focus of nature. You will be at the centre of my practice as I believe that you have all the resources within you to heal.

I have decided not to display an exuastive list of all the symptoms I will help with. I feel it is unhelpful to define someone by their symptoms as society does this already. Symptom relief is a high priority for me as a therapist but much of the work is about the root cause of painful symptoms.

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